Leadership can be a fulfilling and inspiring task. The key task of leadership is to make decisions in complex situations. Conflicts about resources and different interests often have to be decided under time pressure and a lack of information. In coaching, we analyze such situations and develop a deeper understanding so that clear decisions can be made more easily.

Typical questions in the management of employees could be:

  • “How do I get my employees to do what I want them to do?”
  • “I believe my employee has potential – how can I check this out and successfully promote it?”
  • “Should I once again have a conversation with my colleague, or is a termination unavoidable?”

Together we work on these and other management-related issues. In doing so, you can leave the everyday and obstructive justifications for your actions aside and get to the bottom of the actual processes. Together we look at hierarchies, roles and (unconscious) conflicts. Then you decide with self-confidence and successfully fulfill your tasks as a leader.