Providing business coaching.As a member of the German Federal Association of Executive Coaching (Deutscher Bundesverband Coaching e.V. – DBVC) I would like to quote the following statements defining business coaching:

  • The objective of business coaching is the development of individual or collective learning and performance capabilities primarily within the business context.
  • Executive coaching is a result and solution oriented form of consultancy and helps to increase and preserve general efficiency, ability and competitiveness.
  • The consultancy process is tailored to individual needs and an executive coach provides support in the process of improving the professional situation and the shaping of roles under demanding and exacting conditions.
  • Executive coaching consists of a combination of individual support to cope with a variety of issues, and personal consulting. Through consulting the client is motivated to develop his own solutions. The executive coach helps him to understand the causes of problems and therefore also helps him to identify the processes leading to problem solution. Ideally, the client learns to solve his problems independently, to develop his behaviour and attitudes and to reach effective results.
  • One fundamental characteristic of professional executive coaching is the promotion of self-reflection and self-perception. Others are the expansion and improvement of the client’s potential – controlled by the client himself – with reference to perception, experience and behaviour.

I use elements from various therapeutic schools to meet these points for maximum effectiveness for my clients. Business coaching can range from rather superficial structuring and ordering (to come to a specific decision) to solving profound emotional blocks in the professional environment. Especially the treatment of stress-related fatigue or burnout, a broad psychological and psychotherapeutic understanding is required to distinguish depression or anxiety disorders from healthy psychological difficulties and to act accordingly. My double qualification as a coach and therapist provides me with the knowledge and experience to distinguish work pressures from emotional stresses. This helps me provide security and stability to my clients.